As years pass, there is a lot of fanfare with the passing of seasons, and new year celebrations. Calendars change. Time rolls on – from when no one really knows. One thing, however, has
been constant for me – people! My life in the Lord began in Houston Cumberland Presbyterian Church fifty years ago in September, 1949. The people who guided me in my spiritual
pilgrimage were and are very important. Dr. James Gilbert and his wife, Freda, were there to give direction. My first Sunday School teacher was Rodney (Mac) McCord who taught
me by word and, especially, by example what being a Christian really meant. Pauline, his dear wife, was also there to help a young Christian begin his fledgling steps in the Lord.
There were others – many others – who were significant people in those early years. Mr. G.L. Hughes and his wife, and “Woody” Ballard were most inspirational in their faithful service
to the Lord. God has chosen to reveal Himself in Creation; but primarily it has been people through whom He has spoken and worked from Abraham on to His Son, Jesus Christ. Then,
through Apostles and Reformers, the revelation has continued. Yet He speaks continually to us through people who are part of the Body of Christ, like those mentioned above. Regardless
of time, people are the ones that God has touched, and these in turn have touched others like me. I am so grateful for this group of witnesses. As time marches on, people will remain the
ones that God will use to bless others. My prayer is that God will use you and me to bless the lives of others – our fellow believers, family and friends.AMEN.

– Shared by William Rustenhaven