“Let the giving of your thanks be your sacrifice to God. . .”

I thank God for Christian parents whose solicitude and prayer have followed me all the days of my life… for the spark of divinity in my soul that teaches me that it was not made
for meanness and constantly urges me upward toward God… for the spirit of human sympathy which brings me in touch with the great throbbing heart of humanity and will
not let me live a wholly selfish life… for good men and women whose pure lives are a perpetual rebuke to my imperfections… for enough sorrow to keep my heart tender and
to make me sympathize with all others who sorrow… for the great friend, Christ, Whose abiding presence grows ever sweeter to me and Who believes in me when others do not.

Excerpts from a 1940s Thanksgiving sermon of Rev. R. E. Matlock,
a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, shared by his daughter, Robbie Matlock George