“This I command you, that you love one another.”

The cold weather has finally come to West Texas. Time for soup! Well, in my case, it’s sausage and chicken gumbo, chili, mushroom soup, and shrimp bisque. Yes, that’s four different soups in one day. I love making soup! The best part is that my family loves eating soup (except the shrimp bisque – it’s an “adult” soup). The world is cold, the soup is warm. The church should be like soup. The church should warm our souls all the way to the bone. The church should be where we go when we’re cold or sad or afraid or confused. We are the church. Are we being a good, hot soup made to warm souls? Or are we busy worshiping the law? Jesus came to teach us that relationships are greater than the law. Make a pot of soup today and remember the warmth, love and nutrition of God’s
loving relationship.AMEN.

– Shared by Janet C. Prim