“Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things!”

O God we sing hallelujah! We cling to you as a newborn grips the father’s thumb.We praise you as the grass thanks the rain. We love you for you are love,You spoke existence into existence; You breathed life into life;You filled the sky with stars and our selves with souls.O Father, Father we want to be good but we don’t want to be.O Mother, Mother we are your children but we won’t admit it- But still you drench us with love. You love us. You love us. You love us.You made Abraham a father of nations; You whispered to Elijah on the mountaintop,But greatest of all you sent us Jesus; Jesus; Jesus; Jesus; Jesus; Jesus who lived and died so that we may die and live;So we sing, sing, sing hallelujah with millions of mouths and heartsBecause you, O God, are God. AMEN.

– Shared by Billy Black, Faith CP Church, Memphis, TN