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Letter from Tracy P. in NEPRC, Cleveland OH

We get so many wonderful, spirit-filled letters sharing the good news of how God is working among those in prison. We are blessed to play even the smallest role in supporting these Christians as they work towards knowing and walking God's path for them. Tracy's letter is one of many, but I want to share her news with you:

Dear New Day in Christ Ministries,

Hello, my name is Tracy and I have given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and would like some of my friends here in North East Pre-Release Center to share in God's grace with me. I would also like to receive a copy (along with these other women) of your "New Day in Christ" daily devotional. We had a member of our church read from the devotional out loud every night before bed, along with a prayer:

Walk with me O Lord I pray,
Give me strength throughout the day,
Take my problems, big and small;
Lift me when I tend to fall.

I may not be where I wanna be,
I may not be where I outta be,
But I thank God, I'm not where I used to be.

God's will, not mine, be done in my life today.

And this helps all of us make it through another day. Its got to be a special book and a special prayer when you have 300 women prisoners recite it together as one in the name of Jesus. Unfortunately, the lady with the book is gone home now, and we miss our daily devotional prayer book. We would welcome one of our own. We look forward to receiving it. God bless.

Thank you, God, for Tracy and her generous spirit. May her letter be a reminder to us all that we can never know how you may use our words to touch another's life. Let all our words and works be only to your glory. Bless and protect all the women and men who seek you behind bars, and bless their chaplains with the sure knowledge that your will is being worked through them. Bring peace to our hearts and to the world. In Jesus' name, Amen.

"I heard from a friend..."

" ... that you would send me one of those 'New Day in Christ' devotional books. Can that be true? Is it true that all I have to do is say I want one, and God will provide? This little book has been a blessing in so many lives around here, and in my life there is no doubt. I read my friend's book every day. I will be so proud and honored to have one of my own to share with others. If you will send me a book, I promise I will do that. Love in Christ, Raymond"

"I am 22 yrs old with 3 kids and drugs led me down the wrong road and I am scared. I don't want my life to be like this. Please pray for me and my children, that we can start over and live in Christ. Jennifer"

"I'm a recovering addict and I am working hard everyday to repair broken relationships, to try to make amends for the destruction and wreckage I have caused for everyone I love. I recently met a woman in here who shared a book with me on a daily basis called "A New Day in Christ" and it was a true blessing. Now she's been moved to pre-release, and I really miss her, but before she left, she gave me this address and told me to write for one of those books. Rochelle"

"My name is Donnie, I'm from Arkansas... God has a glorious plan for me and it is in the making, even as I write this letter. I know I am forgiven for my past sins, and I by no means desire to return to my former life and the way I was... I made a choice to walk for Christ! The seeds that have taken root in my heart are not grown yet, but the Spirit is strong in me. I have much to learn... But I have faith God is gonna lead me to where he needs me to be. I just need to be patient and let God do His work through me... I am a young Christian, just beginning to crawl. I hope that you will pray for me."

"The Lord loves me and you all too! May you all be overwhelmed by his beauty and love every day! Amber"

For these, for all who have written, for those who can not express their deepest needs, we pray every day. Bring us out of the darkness into the light. Amen.

Testimony from Friends

Every day, we receive between 20 and 50 letters from all over the country. Many of them are just a simple request for something they heard about or saw someone else receive. Others, though, offer testimony of how God is working in their lives for GOOD! These are some I want to share with everyone...

  • “I am writing to thank you for my devotional calendar. I read my calendar every morning with my Christian sisters. I am going home soon, so I am requesting that they could possibly receive one themselves? They would be most grateful!” Marsha, Jessup MD

  • “Hi, I have one of your perpetual devotional calendars, and I just want to say thank you for the calendar, it is helping me a lot… I would like to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ … I put my Mama through a whole lot and I want to make a real change in my life. Thank you!!” Gerard, Abilene TX

  • “My brother in the word showed me his book… and I immediately turned to my birthday Nov. 13 and saw God’s word as it is written in Isaiah 43-2:3 and it let me know that God has been and is and will be with me, protecting me. Please pray for me, and send me a perpetual devotional calendar so that I may read and share the word of God with others.” Maudriez, Barnville GA

  • “This past Christmas I received an unexpected gift sent to me by New Day in Christ Ministries. This devotional calendar which I received has been such a blessing. Thank you to my brothers and sisters of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, and my love be with you all in Christ Jesus.” Will, Crowley CO

  • “I found one of your ‘A New Day in Christ’ devotional calendars at the beginning of this year, and I read it every day. I just want you and everyone who had a hand in putting this devotional calendar together to know it has been a great help each and every day. I am an inmate in the Hughes Unit in Gatesville Texas, and I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you for your help in getting through each day.” Jimmy, Gatesville TX

  • “I received my daily devotional calendar today, and I am so blessed to receive it, and to hear from you all. I thank God for it, and I thank you all.” Vincent, Kinder LA

  • “May I take a moment of your time to let each and everyone of you know you are all lifted up in my prayers! Thank you so much for the encouragement given to so many with your perpetual devotional calendar. ” Cindy, Gatesville TX

  • “I received your calendar today and I feel so blessed. It may sound strange, but I thank God for my coming to prison. It is truly an awful place, but I was saved from my own bad choices and made to stop and listen to God again. I know he has plans for my life, and for this I am honestly grateful!” Kimberly, Gatesville TX

A Free Gift

We are blessed to share with you “A New Day in Christ” daily devotional. Whether you requested it for yourself, or someone else lifted your name to us, please accept this gift in celebration of the good news that God loves us so much that He sent his beloved Son, Christ Jesus to be with us. In this good news, our lives are changed forever.

New Day in Christ Ministries, Inc. exists to share this daily devotional guide free to anyone who asks, in thanksgiving for the freely given gift of God’s grace. Written and published by members and friends of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, it contains our favorite scripture verses, along with our own personal thoughts, meditations and prayers. We don’t claim any special place as scholar or teacher; only our place as children of God, sharing our heartfelt prayers with you. We believe the work of this ministry has come about through the power of God’s Spirit working in people’s hearts. This is confirmed every day, in the morning mail. We receive hundreds of letters each week from all across the country. We are so thankful that God chose to use this simple devotional to connect us with you, and with so many people across the country.

You are invited to share in this ministry. If you are led to share a devotional guide with a friend or loved one, please send us their complete mailing information, and we will send them their own copy. This perpetual calendar has a durable plastic spiral binding and interlocking fold-out tabs to provide support for years of use. We will provide a paperback version a friend or family member who is incarcerated at this time.

Our daily personal challenges and frustrations can be overwhelming if we face them on our own. Let this devotional be a daily reminder that we are not alone! Let us call on God for strength and never lose hope, no matter how difficult our current circumstances may be; because God has a plan for our lives that is already a reality if we believe and accept! Jesus came into the world so we would all be able to receive new life now! This is the good news, in which we place our trust and find our joy.
Grace and peace in Christ,

Your friends at New Day in Christ Ministries, Inc.

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