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Special prayer requests

Pray for the men in FCC-USP2 Coleman, Coleman, FL. Again we lift all the prayers and special requests of Carl and his faith community at FCC-USP Coleman. We name Carl, Ray, Abram, Jerry, Shanon, Colin, Hanson, Bethel, Hayes, Money, Derick, Sweeney, Tom-Tom, James, Williams, Shukri, Nick, Macias, Perez, Bowden, Starks, Kelon, Donny, Welch, Tyrone, Jabri and all your other sons in the facility...Be with them and with their families, bring peace to the compound, and healing and peace to those who trust in you.

Pray for Carla W. in Lee Arrendale State Prison, Alto, GA. "I will keep your ministry in my prayers and ask you to do the same for me."

Pray for Denise C. in SBWCC, Kuna, ID. "I would like prayers that I can complete this path and return home stronger in God's love. Please pray for the safety of my children and grandchildren. Watch over them and protect them, Lord be with them."

Pray for Piccola W. in , Cleveland, OH. "Please pray for me. Right now I am fighting drug addiction, and God has brought me to a place of healing that is an answered prayer. I know that the pain will be healed with God's help. Pray for me to receive honesty, open mindedness, willingness, acceptance, humility and surrender."

Pray for Carmenia T. in Gwinnett Co Detention Center, Lawrenceville, GA. "Pray for my family and all the women and men here at Gwinnett Co Detention Ctr."

Pray for Tamara S. in FDC Houston, Houston, TX. Protect and encourage Tamara and her son during this time apart. Let it be a time of reflection and rededication to your will in their lives, and bring them to the place where you would have them, in your great love.

Pray for Modesta M. in Christian Co Jail, Hopkinsville, KY., Raleigh H. in Pack 1 Unit, Navasota, TX.. Jamie P. in Gadsden Corr Facility, Quincy, FL., Shauna B. in Polk County Jail, Bartow, FL., Joseph M. in Dona Ana Co Detention Ctr, Las Cruces, NM. and Bonnie C. in West Baton Rouge Detention Ctr, Port Allen, LA.

Pray for Tara P. in McPherson Correctional Facility, Newport, AR., Kameka G. in Bowie Co Correction Center, Texarkana, TX., Hector G. in Formby Unit, Plainview, TX., Yolanda J. in Franklin Parish Detention Center, Winnsboro, LA., Corivian K. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA., and Brenda L. in Iberia Parish Jail, New Iberia, LA.

Pray for Everlyine C. in Gadsden Corr Facility, Quincy, FL. and her children - Darrell, Jr, Travis Lamar , Brandee, Teshard Tyre, Julius DeShon and Shantel Jerrell. Bless and protect them, and keep them safe from all harm.

For we are all your children, Father, and all like sheep have gone astray. Dispel all our doubts and fears, and place your forgiveness within our hearts, so that we might know in our very being that your forgiveness is real, that today we truly are new creatures because in Your great love for us, you sent Jesus to bring forgiveness to the world. Strengthen us to live as we know we ought to live, to give thanks in all circumstances, and to be in Your presence now and forever. Amen.

Prayer Request

"My Dear brothers and sisters, I pray to God for each one of you daily, giving him thanks mentioning you all by name; Our heavenly Father God of the universe, I realize your presence here and everywhere, and I know that your light is here shining on us, and we give you thanks, we love you, we adore you, we bless your name, we honor your name, we worship you, we praise you, and we glorify your name in the most high, Lord asking you daily to help us to be clean in mind, and always with the presence of the Holy Spirit into our life, so we can enter into everlasting life, which is in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Your brother, Harry" Harry C. RCDC, Pecos TX

We lift these prayers to you, loving God, we trust your graciousness and power to be present in our lives, to move our hearts in your direction, so we might become the person you have created us to be. For all the men and women who are incarcerated, for all who struggle with joblessness or hopelessness, for all suffering illness, grant us your peace. We lift these name made known to us:

Johnnie S. in Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX., Jackie Lee B. in Bell County Jail, Belton, TX., Victor F. in Jim Wells Co, Alice, TX., and Abel Garcia E. in Jim Wells Co, Alice, TX. We pray for Georgia and Delilah C. in Cleveland, OH., Steven T. in Clay Co Detention Center, Liberty, MO. , Mildred B. in LVCF, Pueblo, CO., Gloria S. and Angela C. in Leo Chesney Center, Live Oak, CA.

"Dear God, I wonder if I write you, what would I say? I would start by saying I am sorry for all the wrong I have done, I'm sorry for those I have hurt. I'm sorry for all the wrongs I have done, Lord from my heart I am sorry. Help me forgive those who have hurt me, so I may hold no grudges and let none be held against me. I ask forgiveness, Lord. You are the only one who hasn't turned their back on me. Please forgive me of my sins. I'm not worthy of your mercy, but I do love you Father God. I'm sorry I haven't been a better son to you. Is it too late to be forgiven? Is it too late to give my life to your son Jesus Christ? Have I sinned too greatly to be forgiven? Sometimes I wonder if I have sinned so greatly that you will give up on me. I don't want you to give up on me. Now and always, you are all I have. Amen." Jackie B, Bell Co Jail, Belton TX

We lift up Harry Jo F. in Houston, TX., William H. in Lexington, KY., Shirley B. in Oklahoma City, OK., Melissa T. in Oklahoma County Detention Center, Oklahoma City, OK., Carla E. in Mabel Bassett Corr Ctr, McLoud, OK., Ronald G. in Marion Correctional Institution, Marion, OH., Toni B. in EWCC, Taft, OK.. Richard M. in CCA, Mineral Wells, TX., Harry C. in RDCD, Pecos TX, and Alejandro V. in Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX.

We pray for Angelica Y. in Gatesville Unit, Gatesville, TX and her brothers and mother., Robin D. in Ellen Halbert Unit, Burnet, TX., Mark K. in Caldwell Corrections Ctr, Grayson, LA. , Mary Ellen P. in Brookville, IN., and Teresa T. in CMCF, Pearl, MS., Biju R. of Poovathur, India and Katy K. of Wichita Falls, TX, her mother and son.

We lift a request from Nikkie B. in Brazoria Co Detention Center, Angleton, TX. "Pray for my daughter to keep her faith and know that everything is going to be okay."

We give thanks for your love for us and that you hear our prayers. Let your abundant love wash over us and cleanse us of our iniquities, renew a right spirit within us, so that we might live in the light of your love today and always. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Prayer Request

Thank you all so much for the prayers you have offered for my nephew, William. Saturday, July 5, Will was supposed to go fishing at his grandparent's house, but he slept in and missed his early ride. When he awoke about 10:00, he found himself unable to get out of the bed, and called to his dad for help. By the time his dad had gotten to him, he was beginning to feel an intense headache and paralysis on his left side. By the time the ambulance arrived, his speech and cognitive function were impaired, and during the short ambulance ride to the nearby hospital, his breathing was being compromised. He was in respiratory failure by the time he was checked into the ER, and it took some really incredible work by the nurses and doctors on call in the ER to get him into surgery.

Now, this being a Saturday, and the day after the July 4th holiday, one might expect a neurosurgeon to be, oh, I don't know, maybe on the lake or on the golf course, but it so happens one of the best surgeons in the region just happened to be in the hospital at that time. Less than three hours after the onset of Will's symptoms, he was in surgery and the pressure was relieved. The source of the probem, a condition called arteriovenous malformation (avm), was identified and found to be accessible and easily removed. But we had no way to know what damage had been done during the bleed.

My sister Maria, Will's mom, works as a speech therapist in a stroke ward of a major regional rehabilitation center, which is good and bad. She has demonstrated over and over in the past few days that God has prepared her well for this difficult calling. However, since she works with stroke patients day to day, she is fully aware of how these things can go very badly, and every step of the way she has constantly been trying to prepare us, and herself for the worst. I hope now that these first few critical days and these major milestones have been passed, she can begin to realize the possibility of the best for Will.

Will has had an amazing day today. His ventilator was removed and he is able to breathe without assistance. Tomorrow he will have an assessment to determine his ability to swallow, but his mother has already assessed (unofficially as far as his medical records are concerned) that his swallowing reflex is intact. He is still very weak and having a lot of pain, following a stroke and major brain surgery, but we just keep counting the miracles that have occurred allowing him to make it this far, and we have faith that there is potential for a full, or very near full recovery of his motor skills. He still needs our prayers, as do his parents, Maria and Ron, and Will's twin brother David and sisters, Maggie and Suzanne.

We are joyfully giving thanks to God for the skill and care of the wonderful emergency and neurosurgery staff at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Lexington. Who would have thought that on the Saturday after the 4th of July there would be a neurosurgeon right there in the hospital when Will was brought in? Call it a coincidence, or call it dedication, but I know the family of one 16 year old boy who will call it a miracle!

We all know Will's got a lot of hard work ahead, but he's surrounded by a "cloud of witnesses" who include brother and sisters, mom and dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles and a whole passel of cousins, in addition to his church family at MQHR and the "band nation" at Lafayette High School, the hospital staff and friends from all over, who have all been incredible in their support and prayers. We are all wrapping him up in our love and prayers. And he has not only the constant care and attention of the great ICU staff at St. Joe's, but just as soon as he's able, he'll be going to work with Mom, to continue his recovery at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center. Keep on praying for him. There's a whole lot of power there. Praise God!

Peace and grace,
Rose Anne

Welcome Rev. Gloria Villa Diaz!

We are so blessed by God! The Rev. Gloria Villa Diaz has been led to undertake the development of a Spanish version of the daily devotional guide. She is enthusiastically seeking contributors and translators; the more help we can enlist, the sooner we can share a daily devotional guide with those who read Spanish! This is God's answer to many prayers! Please, continue to pray for her work, and that we may find the best way to support and encourage her in this endeavor. Her post below explains more-- in Spanish, of course!

Libros devocionales en Español

Estamos haciendo un esfuerzo especial para editar un calendario en espanol a fin de compartir esta buena noticia: Dios nos ama y tiene un plan maravilloso para todos! Si siente del Senor orar por el buen desarrollo de este proyecto y apoyarlo escribiendo uno o varios devocionales, estaremos gustosos de recibirlos y muchos darán gracias a Dios por su contribución.

El devocional tiene las siguientes especificaciones:
. Un corto texto biblico (uno o dos versiculos).
. Un párrafo con sus pensamientos y emociones al respecto.
. Una corta oración.
. Nombre del autor.
en total serán unas 150 palabras.

Si tiene preguntas, comentarios o necesita compañía para sus oraciones no dude en comunicarse con nosotros!