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1. kristie - 11/10/2007 1:52 am CST

i recently had a miscarriage and i need a spirit uplifting. please pray for me to heal and that i become pregnant again very soon and that i carry my baby to full term and have a very healthy baby. i pray for my 4 year old and that he continues to do good in school. i pray for his father that he will get an early release from prison. please be with him lord due to i know he is having a hard time with this. i also pray for a very close friend of mine that he will get a closer walk with god and be able to come to god and know god forgives him for a accident that happen a few years ago and a girl was killed. please be with him lord and with my family. in jesus name i pray amen

2. RoseAnne - 11/14/2007 8:56 am CST

Kristie, you and your family are in our prayers. Peace and grace in Jesus name.

3. Olga Alexander - 05/20/2008 8:39 am CDT

I pray that my soulmate, Olga Alexander, of El Paso, Texas will find it in her heart to forgive and restore her love and trust inme again. I pray that she has a change of heart to love me again to restore our loving relationship. Please help us to be back where we belong in each other's arms. Cut out this time and distance between us and complete this Love Story with happiness into our old age. Come against all that is keeping us apart. Two people so in Love should not be kept apart.


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