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Prayer Requests

From Vivian K.: "Please add the name of Erik Vargas Allende to your prayer list."
Pray for Maria Isabel G. in Willacy Detention Ctr, Raymondville, TX. "Gracias por el libro Un Nuevo Dia en Cristo,. ha sido de gran bendiciĆ³n."
Pray for Tiffany G. in Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center, San Bernardino, CA." I need prayer big time, can you pray for my daughter and for me and my family. Pray for me to be the mom & wife I need to be."
Pray for Crystal G. in ASPC Perryville San Carlos, Goodyear, AZ. "Please pray for my fiance Francisco, and my daughter Juliana, that we unite as a happy, healthy family when I get home. Please pray for me that I build a relationship with God and understand the word of God. Help me become a believer. Amen."
Pray for Mayra O. in Willacy Detention Ctr, Raymondville, TX. "Pray for me Para que pronto pueda salir de alli".
Pray for Charmetrea B. in Topeka Corr Facility, Topeka, KS.
Pray for Isabel R. in CDC San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA. "Please pray for my loved ones in need: Doris for strength and healing from breast cancer; Sylviane peace and hope in resurrection; Joy for healing from injuries in Afganistan; Ralph Sr., Pedro Sr. and Diane for healing and restoration for each of them, for us to be a family again. For Joseph, to be released from addiction and for God to open doors for him to continue to live in a manner which is pleasing to God; For Nickolas to open doors for him on his 90 year sentence, and for God to restore his mind & soul. And for me, Isabel, Lord hold my hand for sentencing on Dec 13th, guide my walk everyday, and reunite me with my son David. Break the cycle of incarceration and drug addiction in my family, Lord! Together we have planted the seed, may they know the truth! In Jesus' name ~Amen."
Pray for Regina D. and Michelle B. in CIW, Corona, CA.
Pray for Raquel R., Monique A, Jeannette A., Rosario G., Sheri E., and Johnnie O. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Beth P. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. "Please pray for me. I have no one out here. I had to leave my bible in Oklahoma, I am truly lost without it."
Pray for Stacey T. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. "Please keep my family in prayer."
Pray for James S. in Estelle Unit, Huntsville, TX.
Pray for Joylene T. in New Mexico Women's Corr Facility, Grants, NM. Please pray for Joylene to feel the love of God which overcomes all evil. Let her anxiety be calmed and may she be at peace in Jesus. Let her loved ones be strengthened and protected, as she herself is strengthened and protected. May every day bring a greater understanding of God's impenetrable protection over her, and may her eyes be opened, and her body and spirit healed. May she serve as your light in an otherwise dark and frightening place, bringing your grace and hope to those around her who are lost, broken, without hope. Let your light shine through her as a city on a hill, safe and protected from all harm, until the day You bring her home. In Jesus we pray. Amen.
Pray for Beacie H. in Hall Co Jail, Gainesville, GA.
Pray for Sheila L. in Harrison Co Adult Detn Ctr, Gulfport, MS. "Please pray for revival here in this jail."
Pray for Diana S. in FPC Bryan, Bryan, TX.
Pray for Gerald L. in California Corr Institution (107), Tehachapi, CA. "Please keep me in prayers so I can and will keep my family and not lose them in and out of prisons."
Pray for Joann S. in West Carroll Detention Ctr, Epps, LA.
Pray for Karen C. in Pulaski State Prison, Hawkinsville, GA. "Please pray for me. I am dealing with a lot of things in prison and I really need your prayer. Amen."
Pray for Tiana S. in Marion County Jail, Ocala, FL.
Pray for Kristina K. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. "Please pray for me, my daughter, Penelope and huspand, Juan, and my twin sister, Karisa and our families, that God will bless them and answer our prayers. So we pray, and that God's answer may be recognized. Amen."