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Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

- Philippians 4:4-7

This has come to be one of the most reassuring passages which I treasure. Rejoice always, the Lord is near! I will freely admit that I am a worrier... yes, I worry about a lot of things that are not really all that significant, or other things that I can't really do anything about. But over the years, I have continued to read and meditate on this scripture, and it has helped me learn that worry and anxiety only serve to rob us of the joy that is ours, the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding! Thanks be to God!

Help me, gracious God, to put your word in my heart so that I may live in the peace which surpasses all understanding! For I know that you will provide for me in love and generosity, and I know that the gifts you give will guard my heart and mind in Jesus! Amen!

A Lot of Prayer Requests

I know, this is a lot to read, but it has been quite a busy summer! We've been in and out of the office a lot, but we've kept up with devotional requests, although some other things may have slipped... The following are prayer requests lifted up in the past weeks. We trust God hears our prayers and fulfills our needs in love and generousity! If you have a few moments, won't you read along, and offer a prayer for these our brothers and sisters across the nation?

Pray for Daniel A. in Golden State MCCF, Mc Farland, CA. “Can I ask if you would pray for my wife and 2 kids that they be protected from all evil on this earth. Your brother in Christ, Daniel”

Pray for Jamey D. in Waxahachie, TX. "Please pray for my wife, Jamie, to find a job and stay out of trouble, also please pray for me, Michael, to go home soon and be the son and husband God wants me to be."

Pray for Deborah W. in Waxahachie, TX. "Please pray for my mother she is having a hard time out there while I'm locked up."

Pray for Sandra G. in Raymondville, TX. is being held by immigration. Has been in the US since age 7, with 2 children. Pray for resolution in her case and for her family’s safety.

Pray for Terry M. in Formby Unit, Plainview, TX. pray for Uncle David and grandfather Walter.

Pray for Susan M. in Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX. and for husband Keith N., Regina C. in Public Safety Center, Modesto, CA., Francis L. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. and her husband, Ronnie M.

Pray for Chris L. in North Kern State Prison, Delano, CA. “Please pray for me in this situation for deliverance. Please pray for my family's safety & God's provision for them in time of need. Jesus loves you & I love you all.”

Pray for Lourdes F. in Harris County Jail, Houston, TX. “My true & correct name is Maria Elena F and I am booked at Harris Co Jail as Lourdes. Please pray for me, that favor is shown upon me in my case, that I can go to a Christion rehab home and be surrounded by people who serve and love the Lord, that I may be free from addiction. I am ready to take up my cross to follow & serve as He guides and directs . In Jesus Mighty name, amen.”

Pray for Ms Adell A. in New Iberia, LA. Pray for her, she has suffered the loss of her 13 year old son.

Pray for Tonya G. in Crittenton County Jail, Marion, KY. Pray for Velma S. in Jackson Co Jail, Kansas City, MO. Also pray for Brandy Yanty. Pray for James A. in Corcoran State Prison, Corcoran, CA. Pray for Diane S. in North Hollywood, CA.

Pray for Jolean R. in Ellen Halbert Unit, Burnet, TX. Please pray for my mother, for her court day is July 26. Please pray for her freedom and for my loved ones.

Pray for Lindy L. in Lowell Corr Institution, Ocala, FL., Tammeca B. in DeKalb County Jail, Decatur, GA., Michael R. in Jackson Co Jail, Kansas City, MO., Evelyn D. in Home of Grace, Gautier, MS., Isabel R. in CDC San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA., Maria R. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX., and Amanda R. in Home of Grace, Gautier, MS.

Pray for Sharon W., Bianka L., and Alice F. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA.

Pray for Brandy W. in Louisiana Transitions Center, Tallulah, LA., Tonya M. in Hopkinsville, KY., Patricia S. in Lincoln Correctional Center, Lincoln, IL., and Brenda M. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.

Pray for Michael D. in Bradshaw State Jail, Henderson, TX. For his parole time and family.
Pray for Manuel S. in Taylor County Jail, Abilene, TX. ...for him and his wife Monica. He send a poem as their gratitude for the devotional book.
Pray for Daniel A. in Golden State MCCF, Mc Farland, CA. Dad and Mom may talk to each other about their problems.
Pray for Juanita R. in , Wytheville, VA. She called asking for prayers in favor of her grandson who does drugs and is in jail.
Pray for Carolyn G. in FMC Carswell, Fort Worth, TX., Tori M. in DeKalb County Jail, Decatur, GA., and Margaret A. in McLennan Co Jail, Waco, TX.

Pray for Misty J. in IDOC/RCF, Rockville, IN. For her grandfather who had cancer throat surgery.
Pray for Dwayne C. in California Corr Institution (1905), Tehachapi, CA. He prays for visitation and more.
Pray for Courtney L. in Bowie Co Correction Center, Texarkana, TX. She gives thanks for the Devotional Book. She needs prayers since will be released from prison in several weeks.

Pray for William P. in Clinton Correctional Facility, Dannemora, NY. "My girlfriend Elizabeth is up for parole soon, I pray that she gets approved. Please pray that the Lord blesses me and Elizabeth and our children: Billy, Brandyn, Tyler, Jessany, Sarah, Jayden, with health, wealth and happiness always, and that God may hear and answer our prayers in Jesus; name we pray. Amen."

Pray for Anthony H. in DeKalb County Jail, Decatur, GA. "Please offer a prayer about my case & being released on August 2nd, 2010. Please pray for me."

Pray for Brandon H. in DeKalb County Jail, Decatur, GA. "I feel blessed right now for I know that your ministries will prepare me to lead my life to a righteous path for the sake of the Lord's name for I truly confess with my tongue that Jesus Christ is my saviour and he died for me and for the remission of the sins of all people, so I desire to follow him in every way for I render my heart to God." Amen!

Pray for Martina R. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. "Can you keep me, my grandfather Martin, my children Marissa, Alexis, Sierra, Steven and Sophia, and my mother Martina, whom are so dear to me and in need of much support right now, they need me home soon as my mother is sick and my grandfather is old. Please keep them in prayer."

Pray for Gloria G. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. "Please pray for my family, I am here for 4 yrs. My husband Ramon is in recovery from alcohol. My son is 11 years old, Oscar. Please keep them all in prayer."

Pray for Yvette A. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. "Please pray for me and my daughter Imunique. She lives in Rowland Heights CA. She is going to court to get custody of my grandson Ferrell III... If you can say a special prayer for my family please."

Pray for Leticia A. in Mountain View Unit, Gatesville, TX. Pray for Jestin J. in Ft Sam Houston, TX. Pray for Diane W. in Northeast Pre-Release Center, Cleveland, OH., Isacce L. in California Corr Institution (1902), Tehachapi, CA., Cynthia A. in Flowood CWC, Flowood, MS., and Richard B. in Formby Unit, Plainview, TX.

Pray for Jennifer R. in Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX. Dwight, Jennifer, Chelsea, Ashly, Alberto Jr, Tyler
Pray for Darlene H. in St. Charles Correctional Center, Killona, LA. Requests prayer for Alfred Simmons
Pray for Kate H. in Monterey County Jail, Salinas, CA., Carolyn B. in Whitfield County Jail, Dalton, GA., Dena B. in Gadsden Corr Facility, Quincy, FL., Dominica L. in Lowell Corr Institution, Ocala, FL., and Sonia H. in West Valley Detention Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Pray for Marlene P. in Mescalero, NM. Elbert S., brother-in-law, requested prayer for Marlene who has recently suffered the loss of her daughter and brother. Pray that she is comforted in her bereavement by God's merciful grace.

Pray for Elbert S. in CMU, Los Lunas, NM. Prayer Request: “Please pray for me and my family! “
Pray for Lorraine S. in Calcasiew Correctional Ctr, Lake Charles, LA., Bryan M. in St. Tammany Parish Jail, Covington, LA., and Ollie D. in Kansas City, MO.
Pray for Lesa B. in IDOC/RCF, Rockville, IN., Keith P. in High Desert State Prison, Susanville, CA., and Justin M. in Susanville CDC, Susanville, CA.

Pray for Michelle A., Marlo H. in CIW, Corona, CA. Pray for Tamara C. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA. Pray for Amy F., Francine V., Jennifer H., Diane R., Riyania W., and Reecie A. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.