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Come with me.... by Daniel B.

I am a part of a culture of men who seem to have been condemned.
We are the ones who live fast, live short, and get to spend time in the pen.
Most of us have been exposed to the elements
of confinement for quite a while.
From a young age, even as boys, block walls had robbed us of our smiles.
Forced to grow up too soon, forgetting what it was to be a child…
We’ve become accustomed to being locked up. No longer resisting its sting.
Conformed to this darker world, harboring the hate that it breeds.
The hard, solid concrete embedded around our hearts.
The ice-cold metal positioned firmly in our deepest parts.
Dead or non-existent to any “society” outside our own,
Surrounded by cops and killers,
gunners and drug runners,
this is where we make our home.
Not by choice, but rather by chance.
Our socio-economic beginnings leading us to our
present circumstance.
The rich are not here, nor the famous and loved.
Only guys like me, addicted, afflicted, and restricted,
Whose only hope is in God above.
We are the living without real lives,
Our kids have no value, neither do our mothers and wives.
No one sees their struggles, feels their pain or hears them cry.
“Society” just turns the other way,
refusing to even look them in the eye.
We’ve been sentenced to hell, yet we are expected to excel.
And when we return we get double,
because we are the ones who failed.
They say prison is where we are supposed to be “corrected”
So what’s this disease we’ve all acquired,
as though we’ve only come to be “infected?”
We were never this sick as kids, all we needed was
help for the bad things we did.
Help that never came, still we are the one to blame.
In all reality, we are merely “livestock,”
investments for those who feed on our misery.
We’ve been overcome by bigger guns,
and brains equipped for much usury.
They make their dollar at the price of our pain,
Hoping and insuring that our offspring play in their game.
Without even knowing or intending this to be,
I’ve been a piece of the machine
That’s working to make my kids just like me.
But who wants to see our own sons & daughters
treated like animals and led to their own slaughter?
I sure don’t, which is why I’ve decided
to depend on the will of my heavenly Father…
Only HE holds the key to truly set me free…
Inside and out. HE can change things completely.
Maybe no one else seems to care or even notice us,
But GOD so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son JESUS to set the captives free.
And heal the broken hearted,
to begin a good work in our lives,
and finish once it is started.
To the world we are the people not deserving of a life,
But to JESUS CHRIST we are precious souls He bought at a very high price.
All it takes is a little faith in Him and true sorrow for our sins.
Believing in His love for us, knowing that He forgives,
Trusting in His word and holding on to all His promises.
Then darkness will dissolve and turn into light,
death will die and give birth to new life.
The chains and burdens which were once so heavy and strong
Will disappear into nothing to the place where they belong.
Behold, the LORD has made for me all things brand new.
And if you want he will do all this just for you too.
Whoever you are, PLEASE COME WITH ME to a place of peace and rest
And the love of God for all eternity, where you’ll enjoy nothing but the BEST…


Written by: Daniel B., a new creation in Christ, Beginning a six year term of “service” in state prison, Tehachapi, CA September 2009

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new…