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Here we are, Father, with our hearts broken again, and our heads full of confusion. Keep on forgiving us, God, when we place our trust in own wishes, instead of your true promises. Forgive us again for the sins we keep on sinning, and keep on showing us the way you want us to go. For we know that you do not only forgive once, or twice, but as many times as needed. We give thanks that your patience is limitless, your love is endless, but our lives on this earth are so short. Help us to not waste another day separated from your peace and power. Remind us that our joy comes from you, and when we forget, remind us again, and again, until we are in your presence enternally.

We lift up our sisters and brothers:
...Mechelle S. in Amarillo TX, I will be getting out tonight (1-25-08). Please pray that God will give me the strength to carry on on the right path. ...Lisa J. in SBWCC Kuna ID, Kenny K. in Kern Valley State Prison Delano CA, Please pray that I stay focused on God's word and that I will be able to find a homeless shelter in my hometown that has an open bed when I get released 6-4-08 ...Ursulee H. in DWCF Denver CO, Please keep me in your prayer that I may find my way on God's path, that I stay off of the drugs. ... Latrice W. in FMC Carswell Fort Worth TX, I am in need of prayer for me and my family, and all the women here serving time away from their loved ones. ...Damon L D. in Stiles Unit Beaumont TX, Pray for my son Michael who has joined the Marines and will need the guidance of Christian friends. ...Cecil A F. in Tulia Unit Tulia TX, ...Teal W. in Carthage TX, self and his her grand-mother maybe previously in Longview? ...Michelle P. in Otero Co Detention Ctr Alamogordo NM, I am asking prayers for me and my family. I have 5 beautiful boys and today I relinquished my parental rights. I am devastated and need your prayer for myself, and that my boys will be safe and have a better chance at life than they would have had ...Alicia H. in Gadsden Corr Facility Quincy FL, ...Donna H. in Gadsden Corr Facility Quincy FL, ...Karen B. in Henley Unit Dayton TX, Please remember me and my family in prayer. Especially my son Robert who is serving in Iraq. ...Shari J. in Henley Unit Dayton TX, I appreciate your prayer. Please include Isaiah in prayer, my 6 yr old son I have not seen in 2 yrs. ...Robyn W. in Worcester County Jail Snow Hill MD, Please keep me in your prayers. ...Ernestina S. in CJC Colorado Springs CO, My sister Bernedette M. is very sick, my only brother Jose S. is here in Jail too. Please pray God helps him and me to guide us on our journey home. ...Corey H. in FCC Coleman Coleman FL, I need prayer for me and my family to overcome this circumstance the the help of our Father God. ...Perry R. in Stewart Co Correctional Facility Dover TN, I'm lost, lonely, busy all the time, I stay tired. I'm confused emotionally and spiritually. Please help me in any way you can. ...Melinda J. in Plane State Jail Dayton TX, ...Priscilla T. in DWCF Denver CO, Pray for my mother, who is taking care of my baby, my two sisters and my two cousins. She has just lost her house and had to go to a shelter. My heart hurts for her every day. I don't want to see them hurt anymore. Lift them up cause they need it. ...Larry M. in Milam Co Law Enforcement Ctr Cameron TX, Please keep me in y'all prayers. ...LaShana C. in Bowie Co Correction Center Texarkana TX, Protect and strengthen her new-found confidence and joy in Christ. Bring her peace in her new life in faith. ...Lori B. in FMC Satellite Camp - Atwood Hall Lexington KY, Please encourage and nurture her infant faith, feed her on the milk of your word and bring her closer to you every day. ... Judy Isabelle G. in Dawson State Jail Dallas TX, For my mother, Adelita Long, who has bone cancer, and recently they found a mass in her bladder. Please put her in your prayers! ...Kimberly E. in Northeast Pre-Release Center Cleveland OH, My grandfather is having cancer surgery one week after his 85th birthday. Please pray for him, he is so important to me. ...Gwendolyn W. in Metro State Prison SE Atlanta GA, Pray for my strength in the Lord and to find favor in God's eyes. We the ladies at Metro State Prison really appreciate the word of God. Please pray for each one of us. ...Shavelle K. in Gregg County Jail Longview TX

You meet us where we are, show us where you want us to go. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Oh Lord we pray...

Quiet our hearts, still our minds, let us become more aware of the Divine, present with us now. We lift these special prayer requests to You, our God, our Creator. We admit that we don’t fully understand how You are at work in our lives, help us trust that in all things You work for our good. Bring us a clearer understanding of what that means, and strengthen our resolve to follow wherever we are being called.

  • John C. at Lychner State Jail asks for prayer: For guidance and wisdom, for a new understanding of God’s love. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Sheila B. at NMWCF asks for prayer: 55 year sentence We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Glen D. at Montgomery Co Detention Ctr asks for prayer: Baby in Christ, asks prayer for his family and for his Bible study group. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Melissa L. at KCIW asks for prayer: Could you please pray for me and my children and 1st grandson. They are having a hard time out there. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Richard S. at Falkenburg Road Jail asks for prayer: Court Date 1/14/2008 We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Amanda G. at SBWCC asks for prayer: We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Juana T. at Woodman Unit asks for prayer: I would like if you say a prayer for me to be a better mother to my two kids ... that I go home soon on parole ... that I can become close to God and He help me to stop doing sin and all wrong things... We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Roosevelt P. at Sterling Correctional Facility asks for prayer: I'm asking prayer for myself, family and friends. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Donald S. at FCI Texarkana asks for prayer: We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Deolia P. at ORW asks for prayer: Keep me in your prayers. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Zanta W. at Pulaski State Prison asks for prayer: Please keep me in prayer. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Tracy I. at NMWCF asks for prayer: Please pray for Ken, my mother, Shanita, Jonathan, Matheau, Brandon, Erica and myself. I also ask that you take Eric, Rosemary, Debbie, Arlene, Sandra, Caprice, Jason, Kenny and the rest of my family members in prayer to the Lord. Peace be unto you, Tracy We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Stephanie M. at Adams Co Detention Facility asks for prayer: Please pray for me as well as my family and all of the ladies at Adams Co Jail in KF1400 D Pod. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Tamela W. at North Carolina Correctional Inst for Women asks for prayer: Please pray for me, my family and my friends. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Maria L K at CMCF asks for prayer: Please pray for my daughter, Erica, and for my early release. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Doretha H. at Fulton Co. Detention Center asks for prayer: prayers for Ebony Du'Boise, Shannon Manning, Christina Davis, Melissa McCloud, Patricia Cleary, Cassandra Carlisle, Samantha Hung, Stacy Brandon We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Catfish Jim E. at Neal Unit asks for prayer: Trying to learn Spanish and improve math and language skills to get into computer classes... Please pray for me in these efforts to follow Christ in a new direction. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

  • Belinda C. at Plane State Jail asks for prayer: Up for review, asks prayers for her and her mother who recently had surgery. We humbly pray, oh Lord.

    We speak these names aloud, and know that God knows them, and knows the prayers in their hearts: Laura B. ; Nori M. ; Erica P. ; Thomas S.; DuWayne M.; Roger L. ; Damian C. ; Keith S.; Elvis M. ; James F. ; Robert D.; James T.; Tara H. ; Denise B.; Jessica B.; Rex Eric S.; Michael O.; Juan G.; Shirleta D.; Chantel K. ; Patricia B. ; Christopher V. ; Iselda O.; Jennifer B.; Larry R. ; Roy Ray B.; Albert L.; Dee T. ; Shannon W. ; Elizabeth H.; Margie G.l; Lynette S.; Tabitha B.; Shannen S.; Erika S.; Mark B.; Marie J.; Audrey L.; Theresa C.; Kevin.

    Together with these and all who are incarcerated, we ask protection and healing, lift us out of despair and turn our eyes to you, Oh God. We pray especially for those struggling to overcome addiction. Let your presence in their lives be perceptible and fill the empty longing places. Lift up your children who are trapped in poverty, help us to know, as individuals and communities how to care for all of your children. Bless us all with a greater understanding of Your perfect will for our lives and for the world. Free us all from pride and selfish motives, and create in us a clean heart and a soul that seeks to do your will. Empower us to fulfill the potential that lies within Your creation. It is in the promises of Jesus Christ that we find the courage to pray these things. Amen.

  • "I heard from a friend..."

    " ... that you would send me one of those 'New Day in Christ' devotional books. Can that be true? Is it true that all I have to do is say I want one, and God will provide? This little book has been a blessing in so many lives around here, and in my life there is no doubt. I read my friend's book every day. I will be so proud and honored to have one of my own to share with others. If you will send me a book, I promise I will do that. Love in Christ, Raymond"

    "I am 22 yrs old with 3 kids and drugs led me down the wrong road and I am scared. I don't want my life to be like this. Please pray for me and my children, that we can start over and live in Christ. Jennifer"

    "I'm a recovering addict and I am working hard everyday to repair broken relationships, to try to make amends for the destruction and wreckage I have caused for everyone I love. I recently met a woman in here who shared a book with me on a daily basis called "A New Day in Christ" and it was a true blessing. Now she's been moved to pre-release, and I really miss her, but before she left, she gave me this address and told me to write for one of those books. Rochelle"

    "My name is Donnie, I'm from Arkansas... God has a glorious plan for me and it is in the making, even as I write this letter. I know I am forgiven for my past sins, and I by no means desire to return to my former life and the way I was... I made a choice to walk for Christ! The seeds that have taken root in my heart are not grown yet, but the Spirit is strong in me. I have much to learn... But I have faith God is gonna lead me to where he needs me to be. I just need to be patient and let God do His work through me... I am a young Christian, just beginning to crawl. I hope that you will pray for me."

    "The Lord loves me and you all too! May you all be overwhelmed by his beauty and love every day! Amber"

    For these, for all who have written, for those who can not express their deepest needs, we pray every day. Bring us out of the darkness into the light. Amen.