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Christmas Blessings to all!

In the cold morning light we look to Bethlehem and see our salvation. Not a mighty army, or powerful ruler, but a tiny helpless baby. Let us find the courage to welcome our Savior into our hearts, and let everything about our lives be transformed by His coming into the world.

We lift up these prayer request from the people of God:
Jamie W. at Wapato City Jail, asks “Please pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Brent C. at Gray County Jail, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Veda B. asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Naomi R., asks “Pray for my children, Annalisa and Elizabeth.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Betty J, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Deborah H., MDOC Flowood CWC, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Kayla M.,TDCJ Woodman Unit, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Custodio M. CJC, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Lorene C, asks “Pray for me.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Doug G. at TDCJ Stringfellow Unit, asks “Please pray for healing and strength for his wife, Clara, who is undergoing her twelfth surgery.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Alissa K. at EBRPP, asks “Please pray for the Kilgore family.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Jemail W. at TDCJ Joe F. Gurney Unit, asks “I ask if you would pray for all the inmates locked up worldwide, and their families. Also continue to pray that the good Lord continues to save souls in here.” Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

We are reminded that we are all in need of Your mercy. We celebrate that it is freely given. May we live the life that recognizes Your gracious gift and Your power to change us, and thereby, change the world.
Peace of Christ! Thanks be to God, Alleluia!

Advent Hope

Father from you we receive all good gifts. During this Christmas time, help us to know and appreciate the greatest gift which is your son, Jesus Christ. We lift up the names of your children, far and near, who have made their needs known to us:

Mario G., in San Antonio TX, Bring peace and strength to Mario, loving Father. Protect and shield him from all evil and despair, lift up his eyes to see the light of your love for him. Guide him gently and carefully through the perils of this world, and most of all, let him feel the joy that comes from knowing and doing your will in his life.

Estella R., in San Antonio TX, Dominga G. in Rockwall Co. asks prayers for her mother as she cares for her five children during their parents' incarceration. Please bring peace, strength and grace to her every day, and provide a light to shine during their darkest hour.

Marie J., in Trumbull Correctional Camp Leavittsburg OH, Pray for her and her family to find their way through this troubled time. God's peace be with them, never let them feel alone.

John C., in Lychner State Jail Humble TX, be with him.

Roberto A., in Potter County Detention Center Amarillo TX, be with him.

Roy J., in Hunt County Jail Greenville TX, we pray for his family, for their faith in Christ to grow stronger and for them to be reunited in God's time.

LaShaun T., in San Antonio Treatment Facility San Antonio TX, be with her.

Stella C., in San Antonio Treatment Facility San Antonio TX, be with her.

Symenthia S., in Lee Arrendale State Prison Alto GA, be with her.

Paul W., in Belmont Correctional Institution St Clairsville OH, lift up Paul and his ministry, encourage and rekindle the flame within his heart, continue to breathe your Holy Spirit into his work.

Mary S., in Brazoria Co Detention Center Angleton TX, We pray for all the women in her tank and their families.

Calvin J., in SHRC Tallulah LA, be with him and his family.

Shannon Leig S., in Tarrant County Jail Ft. Worth TX, asks your protection over her children and for their caretakers during her incarceration; for healing from addiction, that her life is changed and made new in Jesus Christ; for her new life to begin now, and that it may be God's will that she is released so her family can be reunited.

Rosemary L., in Henley Unit Dayton TX, be with her, we pray for healing from chronic illness and drug addiction.

Curtis D., in Dick Ware Unit Colorado City TX, we pray for your abiding love to live in his heart, for the strength to turn away from sin and self, and to joyfully seek the new path that has been chosen for him from before his birth. Bring understanding and courage, but even if these fail, only your protection will be sufficient.

Rebecca H., in Metro State Prison Atlanta GA, we pray for her family, for daughter Terri mourning the loss of her unborn baby, for Ricky, Amber and RJ, and especially Matthew, guide and protect, keep their feet on the right path, never let them feel alone. Bring healing and peace to broken relationships, restore our confidence in ourselves and one another, as we pledge our faith in Jesus Christ.

Lift our eyes to the brightest star Father of the Ages, for we long to greet your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ in whose name we pray. Amen.

Message from the heart

From David D. in Apalachee CI, Sneads FL:

"In March of this year, I found myself at the lowest point of human despair... in solitary confinement in a county jail, facing a minimum of 20 years incarcerated for crimes I committed... My spirit was burdened with guilt, humiliation and hopelessness. I prayed without ceasing, but my will to live and my sanity were on the very brink of destruction...

One afternoon as the corrections officer was passing out mail, he stopped in front of my cell with a thick package, called to me and said, "Mail." I wasn't expecting anything, but mail is a blessing to anyone who is jailed, so I immediately jumped down to see who was thinking of me. Thank you God! Some blessed soul knew of my faith, my trials and decided to send me this daily guide to spiritual integrity.

Now I want to submit a verse & prayer in hopes it will find its way into a future calendar and from there, via the Holy Spirit, to another person in need of refuge & salvation.

Jeremiah 18:6
Behold as the clay is in the potters hand, so are you in my hand...

Thank you Father for the subtle application of your gentle, loving and patient hand to our hearts. It is comforting to know that you care deeply for our peace of mind, happiness and health. Thank you for sacrificing your son Jesus for our salvation. And thank you for the gift of love which heals allthings. In Jesus' name, Amen.

P.S. In case you wondered about the end to the story, I received a 21 yr. sentence for my crimes, but my faith has freed me from the torture of hopelessness. For the Lord removed from me a spirit of fear and provided me with peace, strength and sound mind. The body is jailed, but the spirit soars with the eagles. Glory to God the Father! Amen."