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Notice: Online Requests Down

Dear friends, Sorry to report that we have been tangled up in system improvements, and in that process somehow we have lost our link to online devotional requests! Having just found out, we believe that we may have been missing requests for up to 6 weeks! We are so sorry, and hope that we will soon be reconnected. Until then, you may request the free devotional guide by mail, at the following address:

New Day in Christ Ministries
2119 Avalon Place
Houston, TX 77019


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Comments on "Notice: Online Requests Down":
1. Sovanny So - 09/30/2014 11:53 pm CDT

I would like to ask if all our fellow brother and sister to pray for my fiancé that is in Solano county prison: He goes by the name SO. He was the one that request to have one of the most awesome devotional book to be sent to me. I open my mailbox and saw the gift. I love it. Thank you for your love to reach out to the world with the Lords word. I will definitly continue to spread the gospel and share this book with everyone I meet.
Thank you for your time and much blessing to everyone, I will pray for everyone and their family.

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