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Living out of bounds

Praying for all those in our society who are living out of bounds.

For the homeless men and women who have chosen to set up camp under freeway bridges, parks, in abandoned vehicles, vacant buildings, and church benches. We wonder why, on the coldest nights of winter, can't they see that even a stiff cot in a shelter is better than this? But with the eyes of compassion, help us know that while we may not understand the fear or anxiety that keeps them out in the cold, we can lift our prayer, that in your mercy you protect and shield them, that they are healed and in time come in from the cold.

For immigrants who are uncertain of their future. Calm the anxiety that uncertainty brings, be a rock to cling to when the current is pulling us down. Give clarity and direction, that each day some action may be taken to enact justice for all peoples of the world.

For those who are living secret lives. Let our compassion be a salve to the shame and humiliation that has caused them to hide from the world. Look mercifully upon the parts of our own lives that we wish to hide from the world. Heal us and make us whole.

For prisoners and parolees, be a calming presence in their lives as they negotiate each day. Bring wisdom to our nation, to find ways to protect those who are in custody, and to offer hope for a second chance when their time is done. Bless officers and families, for they are in prison, too. Amen.


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1. AVM-FRITZ Sr9p - 05/10/2013 8:26 am CDT

New Day in Christ Ministries

Comments on "Living out of bounds":
1. Angie Rohe - 05/09/2013 3:39 am CDT

pray for me & my family

2. Nancy - 01/23/2014 1:15 pm CST

I pray that more "beds" are made available to those in need, particularly during this cold season, for all too often there are no "beds" available at any of the shelters.

3. Xavier in care of Carmen - 09/12/2014 11:58 pm CDT

If you need prayer please visit us at ~ a bilingual radio station also at your disposal to network your ministry. God Bless you, we are here to intercede for you in Jesus name~

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