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Prayer Requests

Pray for Brooke F. in Ray Co Jail, Henrietta, MO.
Pray for Marshalle H. in Lee Arrendale State Prison, Alto, GA. Pray with me for peace and love that surpasses all understanding to fill each and everyone of us in this place.
Pray for Kenny O. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX. Pray for me, my wife and my kids, that the Lord put us back as a family.
Pray for Kristen C. in Temple, TX.
Pray for Anthony R. in Chicago, IL.
Pray for Maria de Lourdes A. in ICE Service Processing Center, El Paso, TX. Tengo corte 3-26-12 2:30 p.m.
Pray for Socorro M. in ICE Service Processing Center, El Paso, TX. Por favor les pido en el amor de Cristo sus oraciones por todos los detenidos en el centro, hombres y mujeres, y todo el personal.
Pray for Josephina M. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. Please pray for me as I will [pray] for you
Pray for Enrique R. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA. My prayers go out to those affected by wildfires & floods
Pray for Deanna M. in Mansfield City Jail, Mansfield, TX. Go for sentencing Aug 29, 2012
Pray for Kelly L., Jennifer S., Jasmin M., and Ruby G. in Fresno County Jail, Fresno, CA. Pray for favor with courts
Pray for Beverly W. in Fresno County Jail, Fresno, CA. Please pray for me that God open doors for a home in the same school area he's been attending. Pray for recovery from addcition, car, job, for peace, healing for my husband and son's father who died of cancer.
Pray for Alfonso D. in California Corr Institution (107), Tehachapi, CA. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, Linda, Selena, jackie, Alfonso, Joy and all the brothers here in Tehachapi
Pray for Terri B. in Pulaski State Prison, Hawkinsville, GA. Please pray for the women at Pulaski SP and our families.
Pray for Flor P. in Phoenix, AZ. Por favor oren por la salud de Flor y su esposo quien esta paralizado y ella sola lo atiende.
Pray for Manuel C. in Pinal Co Jail, Florence, AZ. Les pido que oren por mi, mi corte es Marzo 22. Oren por la salud de mie sposa Maria y del nieto Horean.
Pray for Amy S., Nieves R., Griselda H. , Jessica P., Sarah N., Sonia G., Veronica B., Rosie S., Jackie L., Lena W., Marisa S. and all the other women in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Donny J. in Elmwood Correction Center, Milpitas, CA. Please that my family be saved of divorce
Pray for Ashua B. in Hobby Unit, Marlin, TX. Please, pray for me and my family,... for my 10 year old son , Treymon... for my mom Diane.
Pray for Joel A. in California Corr Institution (1906), Tehachapi, CA. Lord please amend and bless my family with unity, health & happiness. Wife, kids, grandparents, sisters, please bless us with the strength to let go of Yesterday's pains and tomorrows worry's, amend & balance, amen
Pray for Crystal T. in Crittenten County Jail, Marion, KY.
Pray for Sonya D. in CCA Silverdale Corr Facility, Chattanooga, TN. Can you pray for me and my children?
Pray for Moses L. in Sanchez Unit, El Paso, TX.
Pray for Kenida E. in La Salle Co Regional Det Ctr, Encinal, TX. Por favor oren or las personas que actualmente estamos presas y tambien por nuestros familiares.
Pray for Jose T. in McRae Correctional, McRae, GA.
Pray for Martina P. in FCI Danbury, Danbury, CT. Por favor oren por mis hijos para que Dios trate con ellos.Los dos varones estan en drogas.
Pray for Elvia A. in La Salle Co Regional Det Ctr, Encinal, TX. Oren por nosotras las mujeres en prision para que podamos permanecer fuertes. Oren por mi esposo e hijos. Tengo corte el 02/29 por favor oren por esto.
Pray for Kandy C. in Greensburg, KY. I'm 36 years old and diagnosed with lung cancer. Please pray that everything goes well with my family, financially and with my fiancee.
Pray for Sonia Z. in Lockhart Unit, Lockhart, TX. Please Pray for me and my family. And pray that God takes this sickness away from me and takes care [of] my health... and for me to be able to hold food in my stomach
Pray for Amber A. in CCWF, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Christina B. in Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX. Please pray that my release comes quickly, my family is safe, and that the changes due to chosen to make in my life are followed through.
Pray for Jessica P., Anise L., Erica T., and Jaquetta P. in Henderson Co Detention Ctr, Henderson, KY. Pray for all them and all their loved ones.
Pray for Becky S. in Marion Co Womens Corr Facility, Columbia, MS.
Pray for Cherelle O. in Glades co Jail, Moore Haven, FL. Pray for me... to be released back home in USA to my children.I'm facing deportacion"
Pray for Manuel C. in Pinal Co Jail, Florence, AZ. Les pido que oren por mi para que todo salga bien,..., que puedan darme fianza después de negarme el asilo. También pido oración por mi esposa Maria D. quien tiene diabetes... por quienes predican la Palabra... y por los enfermos.
Pray for Chris W. in USP Atlanta, Atlanta, GA. that God use me to draw others to Christ. That I could be a light to others here in dark place
Pray for Dolli R. in IDOC/MCU, Madison, IN. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.
Pray for Thelma M. in Hillsborough Corr Institution, Riverview, FL.
Pray for Henry B. in CIM Reception Central Central, Chino, CA.
Pray for Eli L. in West Baton Rouge Detention Ctr, Port Allen, LA. Podrian orar por mi? Estoy en la carcel por andar en malos caminos. Tambien oren por mi companero Cesareo..."
Pray for Enit G. in Eloy Detention Center, Eloy, AZ. Pido Oracion por Diana R.y su familia en Eloy D.C., por la familia Goitia Rangel en NY, por todas las detenidas en Eloy D.C. y por mi corte que sera el 12 de marzo.
Pray for Efrain V. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA. Please pray that it is God's will for us [wife and I] to reconcile
Pray for James E. in Putnam County Jail, Cookeville, TN. Please pray for all of us here [at Putnam Jail] and everyone around the world
Pray for Ralph G. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA. Please pray for me and my girlfriend Michelle... we are both drug addicts with liver problems.
Pray for Allan R. in , Bloomington, IN. Please keep me in your prayers along with Nancy V., my partner.
Pray for Olga Leticia S. in FCI Dublin, Dublin, CA. "Pido oracion por mi hijo Rene S. quien sale de prision en Junio, y pido oracion por mi nuera Fabiola S. para que sea salva y tenga trabajo."
Pray for Monica M. in Eloy Detention Center, Eloy, AZ. "Oren por Monica y mi hijo Jesus para volvernos a reunir...Voy a tener corte en Marzo... por favor oren por mi y por mi hijo para salir victoriosa y prosperada en mi Dios"
Pray for Johnathan G. in Bradshaw State Jail, Henderson, TX.
Pray for Calvin S. in CTS Center, Soledad, CA. I want to be added to your prayer list for myself and my family
Pray for Sandra A. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Dustin B. in Choice Moore Unit, Bonham, TX.
Pray for Victor B. in CSP Solano, Vacaville, CA.
Pray for Jack F. in Montford Unit, Lubbock, TX. "Please pray for my wife, Gatha, for her recovery and strong faith in Jesus."
Pray for Dawn D. in Lowell Corr Institution, Ocala, FL.
Pray for Olga Leticia S. in FCI Dublin, Dublin, CA. Le pido de todo corazon que oren por mi hija Anahy R... y por sanidad de mi amiga Esperanza A. por bendeciones para ella y su familia.
Pray for Maritza S. in CCA Laredo, Laredo, TX. Me gustaria que oraran por mi para salir pronto.
Pray for Gabriel G. in Sanchez Unit, El Paso, TX. "I'll see parole ... for 2nd time."
Pray for Valarie K. in Fresno County Jail, Fresno, CA.
Pray for Lisa W. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Gabriel D. in Theo Lacy Facility, Orange, CA.
Pray for Judy K. in La Vista Corr Facility, Pueblo, CO. Please pray for my family here in CO and in Edna, TX.
Pray for Monetta O. in , Murphy, TX. From Danny Hunt
Pray for Tiffany C. in Woodman Unit, Gatesville, TX.
Pray for Lauren O. in FMC Carswell, Ft Worth, TX.
Pray for Colby H. in Segovia Unit, Edinburg, TX.
Pray for Amber S. in Grayson County Jail, Sherman, TX. Pray for my 8 month old son Cody. His soft spot has closed up... he will have surgery on March 2, 2,012. I know with the healing hands of Jesus Cody will be OK
Pray for William L. in King George, VA. 321-872-4345
Pray for Rebecca N. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX. A friend found out she has cancer
Pray for Ashley A. in Avoyelles Simmesport Corr Ctr, Simmesport, LA. January 27th message was very comforting!
Pray for Tina B. in Emanuel Transition Ctr, Swainsboro, GA. My daughter is having a baby Feb 7th. I pray for a healthy child of God. The mother to be safe during birth... Amen.
Pray for Rhonda D. in Marion County Jail, Ocala, FL.


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Dios bendiga a cada Uno de uatwdes hermanos en Croatia qe la paz y la misericordia se dios ESTE ESTE dia con cada Uno de vosotros no perdamos la Fe ESTAS son las pruebas qe dios nos da y el SENOR jamas se ekivoca AUNKE no temas ni desmanen Porqe dios prometio estate con nosotros cada minutos de nueatras visas y asi es .Que dios les bendiga. Como dicjo el sideboard job dios dano dios nota Pero recompensa con MUCHO mas Porqe Su posed y Su amor no Tiene minutes para qienes cren en el job-1-21

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