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March Prayer Requests

Pray for Carolyn Y. in Marion County Jail, Ocala, FL. I would like to make a prayer request to remain drug free from crack cocaine & Cigarettes. I pray that my willingness to be strengthened along with my faith. And for my son, Cameron Roberts, wo is incarcerated at the Alachoa Co Jail that the Lord will save him, and my daughter, that her choices be positive and she gets into college.
Pray for Iris V. in Eloy Detention Center, Eloy, AZ. Please pray for me:"en Mayo 31 tengo court"
Pray for Savannah P. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. I'm so afraid, lonely, worried. I feel abandoned, betrayed, rejected, hurt. I need Jesus right now. Please help me in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Pray for Stephanie H. in Home of Grace, Gautier, MS.
Pray for Sherry F. in Tutwiler Prison for Women, Wetumpka, AL. Please keep us all in your prayers here at Tutwiler, this is the only prison for women in the state of Alabama, and it is so over populated, so please remember us!
Pray for Maria E. in Jack Harwell Detention Center, Waco, TX. Please pray:"primeramente por las personas afectadas de Japon, por la salud de mi madre, por mis hijos y mi ex-esposo, por Roque Galdamez y su familia"
Pray for Santana R. in Willacy Detention Ctr, Raymondville, TX. Pray for:"estoy esperando la respuesta de la entrevista para asilo... gracias por su apoyo"
Pray for Blanch W. in , Akron, OH. Prayer req 234 678 6972
Pray for Heather C. in Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI.
Pray for Sherri D. in Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI. I pray that things will work out for me and they will get better.
Pray for Elizabeth C. in Irwin Co Detention Ctr, Ocilla, GA. Please pray "por mi, mis hijos y familiares... es muy triste estar lejos de mis hijos y de mis padres.
Pray for Sinia E. in Eloy Detention Center, Eloy, AZ. She's looking for a penpal(?) A person who write letters to
Pray for Benny G. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA. I pray that God uplift my beautiful wife, kids and up coming baby to help us get through all that comes. Names: Bertha, Damian, Desiree & Baby!
Pray for Travis S. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA.
Pray for Charles L. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA.
Pray for Candise M. in LCIW, Saint Gabriel, LA. I have been studying my bible and looking for answers to questions I have. I've come a long way but I know I still have a long way to go. I am asking for your prayers for strength and protection for my family.
Pray for Jimese J. in Home of Grace, Gautier, MS. Please keep my name on your prayer list.
Pray for Ashley H. in , Chattanooga, TN. Please pray for me, I am in jail now and have no out date. Pray for Josh, my boyfriend, Toriana and Cameatrious, my children, my mother Tonya and Father Jeffery, and all my family, friends and the children in the third world countries.
Pray for Pamela M. in Hamption Roads Regional Jail, Portsmouth, VA. Keep me and my family in your prayers.
Pray for Jovita R. in FCI Dublin, Dublin, CA. Please remind me in your prayers. These are "momentos muy difíciles para mí."
Pray for Diana W. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX. "That a half -way house in Dallas accept me..."
Pray for Skyler W. in Formby Unit, Plainview, TX. "Pray for all TDCJ chaplains for no longer is TDCJ paying chaplains due to budget cuts and some still offer services on a volunteer basis. Keep them in prayer and their families."
Pray for Virginia N. in , Glasgow, KY.
Pray for Kimberly H. in Marion County Jail, Ocala, FL.
Pray for Debra B. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Isaac D. in Bob Wiley Detention Facility, Visalia, CA. "Pray for me I am still going to court"
Pray for Albert P. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA.
Pray for Lanier L. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX. "Please pray for a friend of mine (William Davis, that God pull him through and whatever it is that's troubling him that he would remove it... and for me that God gives me the strenght to go through this incarceration trial..."
Pray for Douglas H. in Ouachita Corr Ctr, Monroe, LA.
Pray for Brett M. in Gregg County Jail, Longview, TX. "Please pray for me and my wife Ginger as we go through this time while I am gone away."
Pray for Sedrick M. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX. I have been married to my wonderful wife Rhonda for 3 yrs, and have three beautiful children, and I ask for prayer on their behalf, that they will be protected with the blood of Jesus. Their names are Sedrick Jr, Shidia, Del'drick. Bless the children of God!
Pray for Marvin C. in Okmulgee Co Jail, Okmulgee, OK.
Pray for John N. in Wasco State Prison, Wasco, CA.


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1. albert jhony - 05/30/2011 1:16 am CDT

I pray for all to my God. Also pray for me. Thanks :)

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