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Message from Shannon W.:

Special prayer from Shannon W. in IDOC/RCF, Rockville, IN. "I want to ask the Lord to intervene in the lives of those with alcohol, drug and sex addictions that are destroying so many people's lives and their families lives also...I am an addict of meth and hydrocodone pain medication. I quit for 6 years and then fell to Satan's temptations once again. I stopped going to church and didn't put God first in my life anymore. I am now in prison, and I am so grateful that God loves me so much He chose to save me from myself instead of letting me continue abusing or worse yet dying... I hurt my 4 boys and my Mom, and my other loved ones severely. I ask you to pray for them and all families of addicts, for their pain to be removed and forgotten and that my boys will not suffer consequences because of my choices. Pray for other addicts too. Pray that God will strengthen our spirits and help us make the right decisions. I ask you to pray for the courts and drug counselors to be agents of God's mercy and redepmtion. I know this is possible, for nothing is impossible for God! Amen."


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