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God Expands A New Day in Christ Ministries Inc

We have already published the Spanish version of our perpetual Devotional Calendar. Our Bilingual Ministries Coordinator is ready to receive any phone call, mail or email in Spanish language.
Our goal is to comfort, to encourage and to inspire our readers daily. May God guide you in each step of your life.


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Comments on "God Expands A New Day in Christ Ministries Inc":
1. shyznia jackson - 10/31/2011 6:27 pm CDT

I just want to say that you for giving me a devotional word everyday. I love it because it never expires and you can start it from the beginning. I also read every morning psalm 23 and 27 before i go to work. But i wanted to know can i get 15 devotional for my co workers. I mean when you read the thought for the day, then at the bottom it gives you example and it is so wonderful. I would love to give these out for Christmas gifts this year. Let me know how you charge for them or i can give you a donations.
my address is 6248 Calion Drive
Baton Rouge,LA. 70812
I would love to bless some people with the devotional A NEW DAY IN CHRIST


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