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Please lift up the people of West Side Health Authority in Chicago, Pastor Albert Housley and all the staff there working to assist in the re-entry process of thousands of ex-offenders. May the Spirit of the Living God pour afresh upon them, bring them strength and guidance, and uplift them as they encounter the challenges that their mission faces each day. "Faith is the victory that overcomes the world" 1 John 5:4

Pray for Talawna G. in Bob Wiley Detention Facility, Visalia, CA. "Can you please pray for my family? For the Lord to protect us all and lead us all to do his will. Please pray that He fills me with the Holy Spirit to stop turning back to the world. I know that Jesus died for my sins, though I try to confess my sins I still don't turn away from them... I want to stop drinking, but I don't have enough will power and I know it's not impossible for God to take away my addiction. I need stronger faith in God and perseverance. Please pray for me."

Pray for Bernadine W. in Woodman Unit, Gatesville, TX. and Terran B. in Hutchins State Jail, Dallas, TX.

Pray for Debra F. in IDOC/RCF, Rockville, IN. "Please pray for protection over my three sons, Jeremy (24) is in the Marines and has a new wife and daughter. Please pray for his safety as he goes overseas. Also Adrian (19), he is in jail for drinking and driving, and for Kyle (16) to protect and guide him as his life is just beginning. And me, I am here for driving with no license."

Pray for Tracy G. in Broward Corr Institution, Ft Lauderdale, FL. "Please pray for the people of Haiti, and the people whose countries are at war. Please pray for our world and the new generation. And pray for my momma, Inez J. and my family. Thank you for all your wonderful prayers and remember that you'll always be in my thoughts and prayers. Praise God! Amen!"


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