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Encouraging words...

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and express my gratitude for your daily guide. I was incarcerated and during that time a friend of mine had your devotional guide sent to me. I was so thankful for it and I have to say that it made a huge difference in my life. I used my time in prison to reflect on my life and the need for change. I turned to God and know now that being incarcerated actually saved my life. I have since been released but the materials I received from you as well as another Church has stayed with me and my faith gets stronger every day. I can't thank you enough and just want you to know that the guides you send to people help them more than you know. My niece has recently been sent to prison and is in dire need of spiritual help. Since I know how my experience turned my life around, I pray that it will do the same for her. Would you please send a daily devotional guide to her? Keep up the good work!" Anonymous

"Thank you so much for your ministry and for sending me a copy of A New Day in Christ devotional guide. It is a great resource, tool, and help in my daily walk with Christ. I am commiting myself to being your partner in prayer in support of your ministry. May our wonderful Lord and Father in heaven continue to bless you and allow you to grow, prosper and increase in His work." Robert T. WVDC

"I have read your letter and I want to talk to whoever this may concern. I was in the county jail for about a month. Before that I was on the road to destruction. I did lots of wrong in my life, and finally I see the light. It has taken me a very long time to actually understand, and I feel reborn. I know I truly have been saved from my sinful way of life and I have been cleansed and changed and forgiven. Please pray for me and I will pray as well for all the people struggling here in this prison who have not accepted Jesus Christ." Reuben R. OK

"I would really like to thank you all for sending me a perpetual daily devotional. God has spoken to me by receiving this booklet. I was really depressed and lonely due to the fact that I was sentenced to an 8 yr term. But this was a sign from God reminding me that I am not alone, God will always be there by my side. What keeps me in wonder is how you found me at just the right time I needed comfort. I thank you, and I thank God for you." Charles R. CA

"I've been so lost and sad for awhile now. It seems that no one cares about anyone anymore. I read my Bible and pray everyday, I talk to Jesus everyday and ask him to help me and thank him for letting me wake up. I have a bad heart and it hurts to know that not even your family will talk to me. I'm not a bad person, but I got messed up in drugs 10 years ago and now I'm paying the price.I turned my self in to make things right. I have lost everything in my life, I only wish my family would stand by me. " Thomas T. TX


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Comments on "Encouraging words...":
1. Mary L. Philbrick - 02/15/2010 8:54 pm CST

Dear New Day In Christ Ministries,

I can tell you from personal experience that your devotional not only aided me in my daily walk with the Lord, but it helped many other women who were otherwise lost and on a road to destruction, drug addiction and ultimately prison or death. I have just begun to tap into my work for the Lord and am still trying to understand what I am to do for God's Kindgom but I know it includes writing an inspirational book of how I came to find our Lord Jesus! I want to personally thank you for obeying the Lord in order to reach those who need Christ! I have to say there is nothing more important on this earth than helping save souls for Christ Jesus! May your ministry continue to bless others and I ask now that the Lord bless you with the resources to reach more and more people.

In Christ always,

Mary L. Philbrick

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