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Break through all of our defenses, true God. Destroy our false gods of drugs, possessions, and pride. Break our hearts with repentance, so that your love and forgiveness may heal them and wash us clean. Let your Spirit overcome our will. Put us on the right path in the name of Jesus we pray for our brothers and sisters...

Pray for George and Juanita H. "Please Pray for my husband who is going to court Sept.30 2009. He is in jail right now waiting on that."

Pray for Jamie H. in Hall County Detention Center, Gainesville, GA. Her mother asks prayer for her that she will be released and return to her children....Pray for Steven P. in Holman Corr Facility, Atmore, AL. , and Kerry S. in New Castle Correctional Facility, Newcastle, IN....Pray for Angela K. in , Wetumpka, AL., and Heather T. in Mabel Bassett Corr Ctr, McLoud, OK....Pray for William P. in Clinton Correctional Facility, Dannemora, NY. ...Pray for Shawn B. in Hopkins County Jail, Madisonville, KY. Matt Foe, Shawn Blanton, Billy Hallom, Stephen Alls....Pray for Cora W. in IDOC/MCU, Madison, IN., and Cynthia C. in Pulaski State Prison, Hawkinsville, GA....Pray for James W. in Vallejo, CA., Marc C. in Monroe Detention Center, Woodland, CA., and Jenny D. in Solano Co Jail, Fairfield, CA....Pray for Jacklyn B. in CIW, Corona, CA..

Pray for Teresa F. in Brookhaven, MS. and her grandchildren to experience God's peace and love in their family, Pray for Melanie and Jeff to be united in following God's will for their lives, and pray for Christie and Natalie in Edgerton OH.

Pray for Johnny S. in California Corr Institution, Tehachapi, CA. "I have a daughter on the way, but I've spent most of my life behind bars. Pray for me to be a good father as our Lord has intended."

Pray for Dianna B. in Southern Arizona Corr. Release Center, Tucson, AZ. "Please pray for me, this week I will be leaving prison for a Christian recovery home, and I only want to stay strong in God's will and help build His kingdom"

Pray for Chamel A. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX. "I been in here two months and haven't been to court. I'm scared & lonely, but God will show me the way. Please pray for me."

Pray for Dean R. in Harris County Jail, Houston, TX., and Ernest L. in Brazos Co Jail, Bryan, TX....Pray for Verena B. and Patricia K. in Central California Women's Facility , Chowchilla, CA....Pray for Hylinda C. in Andrews County Jail, Andrews, TX., and Bonita B. in Mary Frances Center, Tarboro, NC....Pray for Cynthia R. in Calcasiew Correctional Ctr, Lake Charles, LA....Pray for Marci B. in West Valley Detention Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA....Pray for Daniel B. in California Corr Institution, Tehachapi, CA. "Please pray for my wife Janette."

Pray for Charlena M. in Woodman Unit, Gatesville, TX. "I pray that I grow in faith and strength, that my family and kids find Christian friends, and I will be accepted to a half-way house. That my family get past our hurt and be brought together in love for each other, and leave the trials of all the past hurt behind. I also pray that parole will show favor on me as well."

Denise M. asks: "Please pray for 2 of my sons who are in jail. they have been in and out they're intire lifes. the oldest one James C. has given his life to the Lord these past few months and has put his life in our saviour's hands. I have prayed for this for so long.Please pray that my youngest son who just turned 29yrs will reach out and accept the Lord as his personal Lord and Saviour. May the Lord richly bless you all."


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