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Prayer Requests

Pray for Darlene T. in Decatur Corrections Center, Decatur, IL. (pen pal request)

Pray for Jeff A. in Madison Co Detention Ctr, Canton, MS. "Please remember my family in your prayers."

Pray for Monique T. in Huron Valley Womens Complex, Ypsilanti, MI.

Pray for Alice A. in West Valley Detention Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Pray for Tisha G. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX.

Pray for Daniel & Mary A. in Fresno, CA. "Pray for Mary, my fiancee, and I, Daniel, in our walk to be blessed with faith as well as happiness and love."

Pray for William P. in Nassau Co Correction Center, East Meadow, NY.

Pray for Patricia G. in CMCF, Pearl, MS.

Pray for Ronnie and Jennifer Y. in Byhalia, MS.

Pray for Debra M. in Huron Valley Womens Complex, Ypsilanti, MI.

Pray for Nora B., Gaylene P., Diane R. and Angela T. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. "Please pray for my husband and my kids, and for our restoration as a family."

Pray for LaTawnya H. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. "Please say a special prayer for all the women here at this prison facility and our loved ones."


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Comments on "Prayer Requests":
1. Mike Roselle - 03/15/2009 7:58 am CDT

Please pray for my good friend Nicole as she needs your support and guidance through these troubled times in her life and please pray for her family.
These people mean a lot to me and I love them very very much as I know GOD does also .

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