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From a reader

Father God, I come b4 u,a queen of UR heavenly courts U graciously appointed me n Jesus Holy name, lifting these precious souls b4 u asking that U give them the eyes to see & the ears to hear the Spirit speaking Your desire for their lives.Your word says "Man does not live by bread alone but by every WORD that proceeeds out of the mouth of God."BLESS THEM FATHER so they can c that true joy n life is when U r glorified n theirs.The strongest drink or drug just can't compare to slightest touch or breath on us from U. Thank U Father n Jesus Holy name that Ur WORD DOES NOT return 2 U void but accomplishes that U sent IT 2 do.Warrior angels-fight for them,ministerng angels-minister Fathers love as HE would have u do. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME-JESUS. AMEN & AMEN
- L.K. Harris


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