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Praise and Prayers

Praise from Julie K. in Evansville, IN. "Praise Him: Greetings! We corresponded first in October 2006. I wanted to say thank you for the daily devotional calendar. I still begin each day with this and it helps me stay focused on the Lord. I also would like to share with you a few things that are happening in my life today. The Lord provides for me... I received a college grant and I am in my 2nd year of college... My mother, Bonnie, was on your prayer list when she was diagnosed with colon cancer and given just 2 months to live. Today she is cancer free. The Lord is Good! My life has been filled with so much peace since surrendering to the Lord. I am a different person today and it is all thanks to the good Lord and the Holy Spirit that lives inside me!"

Pray for Tevorra S. in Central California Women's Facility, Chowchilla, CA. "I am alone and I don't get mail or visits. It would be so nice to get pictures or mail from somebody. Please pray for me, for my family and my roommates."

Pray for Dottie C. in FPC Bryan, Bryan, TX. Prayer requested by husband Shane, for protection and safety, to keep their marriage strong and keep their eyes on Jesus while they are separated.

Pray for all the ladies in Chowchilla, including Theresa T., Elizabeth G., Monique R., Theresa H., Spring G., Cindy C., and Priya S., Debbie H. asks "Please lift up me and my husband Chris. He is out of prison and in a drug program and we just renewed our vows. Keep us lifted as one in your prayers." and Carolyn W. requests: " I have 8 beautiful children. They are all adopted. Please keep them in prayers."

Pray for Annie M. in Hamden, OH.
Pray for Marissa F. in ORW, Marysville, OH.
Pray for Mary C. in Mandeville, LA.
Pray for Tavares W. in FCI Three Rivers, Three Rivers, TX. fiance and 5 children
Pray for Angel L. in Metro State Prison, Atlanta, GA. Her husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma
Pray for Benita T. in Yakima County Jail, Yakima, WA. Please pray for me and my brother.
Pray for Caroline L. in CIW, Corona, CA. Please pray that my children will let me back in their lives and forgive me for not being there for them.
Pray for Delvetra J. in Bowie Co Correction Center, Texarkana, TX.
Pray for Mandy V. in East Texas ISF, Henderson, TX.
Pray for Charlotte A. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX. Pray for her recovery.
Pray for Sharmaine R. in ASPC Perryville Santa Cruz, Goodyear, AZ.

Praise and prayer from Sheldon S. in New Orleans, LA. I was incarcerated in 2006 and got a devotional then, I've been reading it for 2 1/2 years now, and God has blessed me every day through the reading. I called to thank you for letting God work through you, and to send a devotional to my friend who is in jail and has just about lost hope. God is the source of our hope, and your devotional guide is a good reminder of that. He needs it now like I needed it then.


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