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November 12

Jonah 1:17
"And the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the stomach of the fish three days and three nights."

I have been thinking about how Jonah was scared of the Lord. He thought that he could hide from Him. But Jonah couldn't hide from God, because God is everywhere. And sometimes we are all scared. But we shouldn't run away from God like Jonah did. Instead we should follow His ways.
Dear God, please forgive us for all the times we have run away. Help us to keep our confidence strong in you. Amen.
Meditation shared by Daniel C., 15 yrs. old, A New Day in Christ daily devotional guide.

Charlotte M. of Houston, TX asks:, "Please pray for my sister, Donna Lee West, who is lost in the streets due to her addictions."

Pray for Bobby U. in Northeast Arkansas Comm Corr Ctr, Osceola, AR.

Pray for Kevin W. in Ellis 1 Unit, Huntsville, TX. "Please keep us inmates, both men and women, in your prayers. There are a lot of brothers in here that need prayer."

Pray for Roberta H. in , Lubbock, TX. For strength and healing, for peace and joy in the face of suffering, please be present with Roberta through this difficult time. Assure her of your steadfast love, bring about your will in her life.

Pray for Ida G. in Gadsden Corr Facility, Quincy, FL.

Pray for Trinidad P. in Bowie Co Correction Center, Texarkana, TX.


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1. Tammy - 11/20/2008 9:42 am CST

Please pray for my sister Susie in Pueblo,Co. Please let God speak to her and give her strength to make it through these 3 years and get the help she needs.

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