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Thank you all so much for the prayers you have offered for my nephew, William. Saturday, July 5, Will was supposed to go fishing at his grandparent's house, but he slept in and missed his early ride. When he awoke about 10:00, he found himself unable to get out of the bed, and called to his dad for help. By the time his dad had gotten to him, he was beginning to feel an intense headache and paralysis on his left side. By the time the ambulance arrived, his speech and cognitive function were impaired, and during the short ambulance ride to the nearby hospital, his breathing was being compromised. He was in respiratory failure by the time he was checked into the ER, and it took some really incredible work by the nurses and doctors on call in the ER to get him into surgery.

Now, this being a Saturday, and the day after the July 4th holiday, one might expect a neurosurgeon to be, oh, I don't know, maybe on the lake or on the golf course, but it so happens one of the best surgeons in the region just happened to be in the hospital at that time. Less than three hours after the onset of Will's symptoms, he was in surgery and the pressure was relieved. The source of the probem, a condition called arteriovenous malformation (avm), was identified and found to be accessible and easily removed. But we had no way to know what damage had been done during the bleed.

My sister Maria, Will's mom, works as a speech therapist in a stroke ward of a major regional rehabilitation center, which is good and bad. She has demonstrated over and over in the past few days that God has prepared her well for this difficult calling. However, since she works with stroke patients day to day, she is fully aware of how these things can go very badly, and every step of the way she has constantly been trying to prepare us, and herself for the worst. I hope now that these first few critical days and these major milestones have been passed, she can begin to realize the possibility of the best for Will.

Will has had an amazing day today. His ventilator was removed and he is able to breathe without assistance. Tomorrow he will have an assessment to determine his ability to swallow, but his mother has already assessed (unofficially as far as his medical records are concerned) that his swallowing reflex is intact. He is still very weak and having a lot of pain, following a stroke and major brain surgery, but we just keep counting the miracles that have occurred allowing him to make it this far, and we have faith that there is potential for a full, or very near full recovery of his motor skills. He still needs our prayers, as do his parents, Maria and Ron, and Will's twin brother David and sisters, Maggie and Suzanne.

We are joyfully giving thanks to God for the skill and care of the wonderful emergency and neurosurgery staff at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Lexington. Who would have thought that on the Saturday after the 4th of July there would be a neurosurgeon right there in the hospital when Will was brought in? Call it a coincidence, or call it dedication, but I know the family of one 16 year old boy who will call it a miracle!

We all know Will's got a lot of hard work ahead, but he's surrounded by a "cloud of witnesses" who include brother and sisters, mom and dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles and a whole passel of cousins, in addition to his church family at MQHR and the "band nation" at Lafayette High School, the hospital staff and friends from all over, who have all been incredible in their support and prayers. We are all wrapping him up in our love and prayers. And he has not only the constant care and attention of the great ICU staff at St. Joe's, but just as soon as he's able, he'll be going to work with Mom, to continue his recovery at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center. Keep on praying for him. There's a whole lot of power there. Praise God!

Peace and grace,
Rose Anne


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