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Stop and listen for the Lord!

Pray for Sylvia P. in , Houston, TX. "I received my devotional June 18 2007. Please pray for me I have health problems. I have HCV and 10 months later I also was diagnosed with HIV. Please pray for my faith to grow stronger and let me stay strong in Christ. Amen."

Pray for Michelle N. in ORW, Marysville, OH. "I request prayer for my husband's spirit to be at peace. He passed away on 3-8-08. His name is Grover Neville, and we were married 15 years. Sad t o say I was in prison when he passed. Also please pray for me, that I may learn to forgive myself. Pray that Jesus will touch my heart and life and teach me not to hate myself."

Pray for Sandra R. in Levy Forestry Camp, Bronson, FL. "I request prayers for my children: Nieci, Alex, Guillermo, Leticia and for those who are caring for them during my incarceration: Ramon, Charity, Ella, Jose and Victoria. Bless and protect them by the grace of God."

Pray for Sean F. in Jefferson County Correctional Facility, Beaumont, TX. "Will you all lkeep me in your prayers? Love to you all, thanks."

Pray for Denise G. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX. "Please pray for my sister, she is very sick with AIDS. Her name is Cynthia."

Pray for Sandie P. in , Fresno, CA. Prayer req. by Vera P for Perez family that they may be gifted with the grace of God, with peace and love, and that their hearts be filled with joy. Bless and protect them, and be with Xavier forever.

Pray for Angela C. in Gatesville Unit, Gatesville, TX. Pray for Angela and her parents. Bring them together in your love, although they are miles apart. Amen.

Pray for Waylon B. in Middleton Unit, Abilene, TX.

Pray for Corey H. in FCC Coleman, Coleman, FL. "I want my name added to your prayer circle."

Pray for Reginald S. in Cobb County Detention Center, Marietta, GA. "Please pray for me. I want to go higher and get closer to God the Father spiritually. In Jesus name. Amen."

Pray for Sandra S. in , Woodland, CA. Request prayer for my family and friends.

Pray for Susan L. in SBWCC, Kuna, ID.
Pray for Vivian M. in CMCF, Pearl, MS.
Pray for Carolyn W. in Woodman Unit, Gatesville, TX.
Pray for Lorelei K. in Miller Co Jail, Texarkana, AR. and for her husband
Pray for Karen B. in SBWCC, Kuna, ID.
Pray for Candy P. in San Antonio Treatment Facility, San Antonio, TX.
Pray for Patricia M. in San Antonio Treatment Facility, San Antonio, TX.

Pray for Christopher C. in Arkansas Valley Corr Facility, Crowley, CO. "Please pray for my family to make ends meet and that I am approved for parole to go home soon. Pray that my faith is restored, because I am having trouble even praying anymore, I am so lost."

Pray for Christine D. in Yakima County Jail, Yakima, WA. "Please keep me in your prayers, too."

Pray for Cheryl B. in Jefferson Correctional Center, Gretna, LA." My time here is short but for many it is long. Please pray for all of us at JPCC."

Pray for Tracy V. in , Lafayette, LA.

Pray for Deborah B. and Jerome J., Phillip W., Bruce H. and our friend Vincent.

We lift up all the prayer requests of the men at FCI Coleman, FL.

Let us ask in prayer for grace and wisdom for those who make our laws, for those who enforce them, and all those struggling to live between the lines. Grant us the humility and empathy to know that we are not that far apart, and that through God's love, we are all brothers and sisters.


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