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Prayer Requests

Pray for Tommy J. in Central Unit, Sugarland, TX. Requests pen-pal and additional literature. Please keep in prayer.
Pray for Stacy J. in Jefferson County Downtown Jail, Beaumont, TX. Please pray for me and my family.
Pray for Tracy P. in Northeast Pre-Release Center, Cleveland, OH.
Pray for Talra R. in CMCF, Pearl, MS. Requests prayer for her children, family and all those in CMCF.
Pray for Tracy C. in Plane State Jail, Dayton, TX. Pray for Tracy Lynn, Jason Devon, Jasmene Lynn, Jeremy Keith; Loving God, free them from all evils of the world, heal their hurts, bind them together in your love
Pray for Coopercine C. in , Woodridge, IL. Shari J. asks prayer for her sister, who is in pain and needs healing from her suffering.
Pray for Rodney S. in , Dallas, TX. May I receive prayer that I will be delivered body, mind and soul from addicition to drugs.
Pray for Alfreida J. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX.
Pray for Janice P. in CMCF, Pearl, MS. Please pray for me and my family: Douglas Jr, Tiffany, Cody, Mickey, Leathea, Jessie.
Pray for Jennifer M. in Ellen Halbert Unit, Burnet, TX. Me and my brother are both incarcerated, but by the Grace of God we will both be home by Thanksgiving. Please keep our family in your prayers, Sherri, Mike, Jennifer and Jared.
Pray for Sharon N. in La Vista Correctional Facility, Pueblo, CO. I need prayer for answers to what kind of parole plan the Lord wants me to put in. I need His guidance. I will stay vigilant and obedient to listen for His still, small voice.
Pray for Lisa A. in Johnson Co Correctional Center, Cleburne, TX. I am a baby in Christ. I'm having a very hard time. Please pray for me.
Pray for Kelly B. in Dallas Co Jail, Dallas, TX.
Pray for Crhis S. in Bradshaw State Jail, Henderson, TX.
Pray for Sandra J. in Desoto County Jail, Hernando, MS.


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Comments on "Prayer Requests":
1. Phil - 08/29/2008 5:22 am CDT

NUMBER 1 PRAYER...Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now.This is all i think about every waking moment,for 13 years...TORMENT...NUMBER 2 PRAYER...Pray GOD leads millions of people and puts it in the hearts and minds of millions of people to pray over all my online prayer requests.

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