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Please pray for these ...

Pray for Hector C. in FCI Seagoville, Seagoville, TX.
Pray for Paula B. in Bexar County Jail, San Antonio, TX. My prayer requests: Get off parole w/ no problem, other charges dropped, Ron Jr live for Jesus, Grannie live until I get home, Dad come home, Steven get out, Daniel & Matt come home soon.
Pray for James H. in Limestone Co Detention Ctr, Groesbeck, TX.
Pray for Gaberella M. in IDOC/RCF, Rockville, IN.
Pray for Stacy R. in FCI Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL. Pray for me. I'm very depressed.
Pray for John H. in Lake Co. Correctional, Tavares, FL.
Pray for Tonya H. in Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX. Please pray for me, my husband, 5 children, 2 new born grandsons.
Pray for Rodney P. in EBRPP, Baton Rouge, LA.
Pray for Carolyn T. in Montgomery Co Detention Ctr, Conroe, TX. I have a 17 yr. old son who is graduating this year. Will you please pray that I will be out in time enough to attend his graduation this May?
Pray for Lorriane Y. in Jones County Jail, Anson, TX.
Pray for Tiffany M. in Montgomery Co Detention Ctr, Conroe, TX. Please pray for me, my husband Mark, my children Mya and Marcus
Pray for Fransene B. in FPC Marianna, Marianna, FL.
Pray for Kari T. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA.
Pray for Lisa H. in VSPW, Chowchilla, CA. her mother had a second stroke; sister just got out of jail
Pray for Linda W. in , Center, TX.
Pray for Marsha S. in , Marshall, TX.
Pray for Jackie C. in , Joaquin, TX.
Pray for Marcus R. in Neal Unit, Amarillo, TX. has 2007 version
Pray for Birdie R. in , Tyler, TX.
Pray for Dorene B. in Correction Medical Center, Colulmbus, OH.
Pray for Mark W. in Catahoula Parish Sheriff's Office, Harrisonburg, LA.


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1. Courtney - 11/02/2008 7:31 pm CST

Please pray for my mother Claretha Ross in Hawkinsville, GA. Pray for God to give her strength, courage, good health and faith to move forward each day and to continue believing. I ask that the Lord answers our prayers and bring her home very soon.

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