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My name is Sharon...

"I am writing in hopes that you would help me in my prayers for my brother Robbie. I have not heard from him in three years. I pray he is safe and alright. To hear from him is my heart's prayer or just to know he is okay. Also my daughter for all power in Jesus to have a good and happy life, to trust God to help her make it and keep her safe. For all my sisters & brothers that He keeps them safe and that all my family learn to trust God's will even when we don't understand. I ask that you pray with me for blessing for myself and family, for it has been hard for many years now. That we all have faith that all we go through will in the end be for our good and God's glory. I try my best not to worry for I know its a sin, but I am human and I find myself at times so worried. I thank God for special people He has and will keep sending in our lives. I pray for each lady here as well as their families. May God bless us all to trust him. Thank you for your time and prayers in Jesus Christ's name I ask all things. "



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