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Prayer requests for the week...

Blessings to everyone who reads and remembers these requests in your daily prayers. You are invited to share your own prayer requests in the comments section below.

Mary Jane , beloved child of God, Ellen Halbert Unit Burnet TX asks: “Pray for me, I'll be here for 6 more months and 3 months in a half-way house. Pray for my kids Jimmy, Jamie and Jessica. They don't have their mother now, but they will.” God, we know you are already there with Mary Jane, keeping her safe and holding her close to your heart. Let her be reassured that in your love, all things are new and help her children feel your presence near. Bring them a renewed sense of your presence and your power over their lives, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Jimmy , beloved child of God, Marshall Formby Unit Plainview TX I was reading your devotional with an inmate at the Potter Co Jail, now I'm at the Marshall Formby Unit. I really miss that daily encouragment from your book. Will you please send me one? Pray for me, and God bless you all!

Henry Luna, beloved child of God, CT Terrell Unit Rosharon TX Dear God, we know that you are with us in suffering and joy. Help us to find peace and joy in every day. Strengthen us to deal with whatever life brings. This I ask in Jesus name, Lord hear our prayer, we praise your Holy name. Amen and Amen.

Albert (Eddie) , beloved child of God, Jester Richmond TX Bless and protect Eddie in your love, let his confession be so real that his former life is no more, Strengthen and encourage, lift his heart and remove the pain and guilt he feels. Show him an entirely new way of living in the light and grace of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Shakisha, beloved child of God, Houston TX "My everyday life has been touched by your calendar, I want to share this spiritual food with my family. Please add us all to your prayer list: Shakisha, Shakiera, Edward, Edward Jr.

Eric, beloved child of God, Holliday Unit Huntsville TX I am coming up for parole very soon, so please pray for me. If you have a pen-pal or mentor program in am definitely interested in growin in my relationship with God.

Lonnie, beloved child of God, Travis County Jail Del Valle TX Please pray for me and my family.

LaKeisha, beloved child of God, Plane State Jail Dayton TX "Please send a devotional to my friend. I am sharing mine with her and she really enjoys it! ... An encouraging word each day is good for the prisoner's soul, it give us hope and it lets us know each day that the Lord is faithful and will forgive. Keep us in your prayers."

Angel, beloved child of God, Plane State Jail Dayton TX May God continue to bless you and this congregation!

Joe Anthony, beloved child of God, Walker Sayle Facility Breckenridge TX For Joe Anthony and Rosa, strengthen and protect them from all forces in the world that would harm them, protect their children, and show them your path laid out for them in the world. Bring healing from anxiety and addiction, fill every empty space in their hearts with your love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Keyanna , beloved child of God, DWCF Denver CO I need prayer for God's mercy, grace & strength... to overcome addiction... for my mother to be healed and strengthened, to be joyful in faith... for protection and grace over children and husband, to bring healing and strength to their lives and to live in love.

Shannon , beloved child of God, McPherson Correctional Faciltiy Newport AR Pray for Shannon and for her children, for God's grace to be the guiding force in decisions made in their situation, that peace is real in their lives.


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Comments on "Prayer requests for the week...":
1. lora reed - 12/13/2007 11:08 am CST

pray for strength in my faith that i stand strong in gods word and do not loose hope during these uncertain times,for family,believers and unbelievers alike that they may gain a stronger and more personal relationship with God our Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!

2. Jane - 01/13/2008 7:19 pm CST

I ask for prayers for salvation and delivernce for my husband Moses who may have hiv/aids and still continues to commit adultery , married20 years. We have 5 children. He constantly lies and is also in the occult. Please. Thank you

3. Sheana Arrington - 08/03/2017 11:48 am CDT

I went through a bitter divorce 5 years ago. Due to lack of funds, I had poor legal representation and my 3 children and I were court ordered to move out of our home. One month after we moved out, he moved his mistress in our home. We are still displaced living in a one bedroom. Please help me in praying that my children and I are back in our home and gives us peace of mind. Thank you and God bless.

Sheana Arrington

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